Premises Liability


Case name and location Type of case and injuries involved Verdict or settlement
Weber v. Wesleyan College (Superior Court of Bibb County) PREMISES LIABILITY / WRONGFUL DEATH:

Tree belonging to the defendant fell onto decedent’s (deceased person’s) car while she was traveling down the highway, causing fatal injuries

Jury Verdict:

Plus post-judgment interest                    $462,000.00


Carter v. DuPont et al. (State Court of Fulton County) PREMISES LIABILITY:

Massive burns over entire body of plaintiff, resulting in gross disfigurement & numerous surgeries

Koppitz v. YWCA & Riedel  (State Court of Bibb County) PREMISES LIABILITY:

Plaintiff was pushed by Riedel over a railing & fell to cement below.  Bennett’s fracture at the base of the 1st metacarpal (left thumb);  right shoulder pain; right ulna fracture; traumatic osteoarthritis of the secondary; headaches secondary to tension; reactive depression

Settlement prior to trail:


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