Personal Injury


Case name and location Type of case and injuries involved Verdict or settlement
Meeler v Ocmulgee Marketing Inc. & Ramsey (Superior Court of Jones County) PERSONAL INJURY:

Spinal injury resulting in paraplegia.

  • Dram Shop case
Ocmulgee (convenience store that sold the beer) paid $1,700,000Driver’s insurance paid limits of $15,000
Lumley v. Corporacion de Construcciones et al (District Court of Matagorda County, Texas) PERSONAL INJURY:
Medical expenses less than $20,000 (paid by Workers Compensation)Lost wages $108,000
Settlement prior to trail:
Williams v. White Mountain Construction Company (District Court of Pitkin County, Colorado) PERSONAL INJURY:

Negligent construction of a trench caused cave‑in and personal injuries (fractured pelvis, one leg 1/8″ shorter)

Jury Verdict:

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