Pedestrian Personal Injury / Wrongful Death


Case name and location Type of case and injuries involved Verdict or settlement
Mitchell v. Mackey (District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, Valdosta Division) PEDESTRIAN PERSONAL INJURY:  Fractured humerus w/surgery and rod insertion; extensive scarring of the neck; double vision (with surgery); loss of motor control; multiple bruises; memory problems; problem solving & coordination problems Settlement:
Williams v. D C Investment Company et al (Superior Court of Fulton County) PEDESTRIAN WRONGFUL DEATH:   68‑year‑Old Pedestrian Struck Down by Automobile Jury Verdict:
Soder v. Rubin (State Court of Fulton County) PEDESTRIAN PERSONAL INJURY:  Contusion right tibia with subperiosteal hematoma; exacerbation of degenerative joint disease right knee; deconditioning of right lower extremity musculature Settlement:
Black v. HCA et al (State Court of Bibb County) PEDESTRIAN PERSONAL INJURY:  Neck Injury resulting in Anterior Cervical Fusion Settlement:
Wilson v. Bradley (Superior Court of Henderson County, NC) PEDESTRIAN PERSONAL INJURY:  Fractured ribs, left public rami fracture, pelvic hematoma, slight diathesis of sacroiliac joint, fracture dislocation of right sacroiliac joint with fractured right ilium Jury Verdict:


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