Automobile-Truck Collisions


Case name and location Type of case and injuries involved Verdict or settlement
Zachery et al v. Schneider Truck Lines et al (United States District Court Northern District of Georgia) AUTO  / TRUCK COLLISION  Jury Verdict

($10,000,000 Wrongful death, $8,200,000 Personal Injury, $5,000,000 Punitive Damages)  

Williams v. McLendon Trucking Co. Inc. et al (Superior Court of Fulton County) AUTO  / TRUCK COLLISION:  Loose tandem wheels–personal injury resulting in cervical laminectomy and 12% disability to body of plaintiff as a whole Jury Verdict$1,212,326.81

($300,000 general damages, $875,000 punitive damages, $28,558 lost wages, $8,768.81 medical)

Affirmed Georgia Court of Appeals

Consortium claim
$70,000.00 settled

Niemi v. Williams Trucking Svc., et al. (Superior Court of Laurens County) AUTO  / TRUCK COLLISION: Fractured pelvis, dislocation of the left hip, multiple rib fractures, closed head injury, traumatic brain injury, liver lacerations, fractured transverse process of lumbar spine, right perinephrenic hematoma, multiple abrasions/lacerations, multiple contusions, pulmonary contusion, deviated septum, vertigo Consent Judgment:
Norma Fox (Hailey Putnam) v. W. Supply Co. (State Court of Bibb County) AUTO  / TRUCK COLLISION  / WRONGFUL DEATH:  Instant Death of 57 year old white female with no income and no dependents Jury Verdict
Lareau v. Murrow Enterprises, et al. (Superior Court of Putnam County) AUTO  / TRUCK COLLISION:  Father, son & daughter injured in accident $185,775.12
Oliver v. Lucas Systems (4th Judicial Circuit Court, Duval County, Florida) AUTO  / TRUCK COLLISION: Multiple acute contusions of neck, back, left pelvis, right knee & right ribs; trauma affecting integrity of discs & spine L5/S1, L4/5, T12/L1 & L2/3; cervical & lumbar strain/sprain; attendant nerve damage Settlement
Gleaton v. Ryder, et al. (Superior Court of Peach County) AUTO  / TRUCK COLLISION:  Head abrasion & laceration; Cervical, lumbar sprain/strain; Thoracic compression fracture; labral strain, left shoulder;  myofascial pain Settlement:

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