Automobile Collisons

Case name and location Type of case and injuries involved Verdict or settlement
Howell v. McMahon & RaceTrac Petroleum (Superior Court of Spalding County) AUTO COLLISION: Cervical sprain/strain; Lumbar sprain/strain; Multiple abrasions & contusions; Severe contusion of hip with possible nerve contusion; Closed head injury with unconsciousness & secondary headaches, memory loss; Asymmetrical spastic gait; Adduction of right lower extremity with flexed plantar & toe drag of right foot; Subluxation of C3, T4, T9, & right sacro-iliac joint with associated spasms; Annulus bulge at L4/5; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Somatoform pain disorder. $1,300,000.00 (settlement after commencement of trial)
Long v. Pitts Toyota & Bass (Superior Court of Laurens County) AUTO COLLISION: Traumatic brain injury; right elbow fracture; lacerations to the right side of head; deep laceration right arm; multiple lacerations & abrasions face & body; mobility dysfunction, loss of self-care skills; altered mental status secondary to traumatic brain injury; severe deficits with memory, problem solving, organizational & reasoning skills; significant drooping of the right upper eyelid from paralysis third nerve; visual field defect right eye; diplopia (double vision) secondary to neurologic deficit or muscular dysfunction; right orbital maxillary sinus fracture $1,000,000.00 (settlement)
Clark v. Franklin (would have been Fulton County, but case settled before filing) AUTO COLLISION: Client died from severe head injuries $850,000.00 (settlement)
Black v. Taylor Orchards, et al. (Superior Court of Taylor County) AUTO COLLISION: Fracture left elbow, fractured left ankle, fractured left humerus, scarring $685,000.00 (settlement)
Heath v. L.E. Schwartz & Son, Inc. et al (State Court of Bibb County) AUTO COLLISION: Multiple Fractures of Legs and Arms

Plaintiff was Victim of Polio prior to accident

$516,961.00 (jury verdict)
Adams v. Barbour Trucking, et al. (Chowan County, North Carolina) AUTO COLLISION: Closed, nondisplaced right lateral tibial plateau; severely comminuted intra-articular right calcaneal fracture; trauma to the chest, cervical spine, lumbar spine, abdomen, knee, tibia, fibula & ankle; Cardiac/pulmonary failure while in ICU; Sleep apnea, developed after pulmonary problems in accident & post-motor vehicle accident weight gain; Multiple contusions & abrasions $503,000.00 (settlement)
Chambliss v. Waller Transport (State Court of Houston County) AUTO COLLISION: Scar tissue left wrist secondary to trauma; Tenosynovitis of all extensor tendons left hand; Contracture of the volar plate of index, middle, ring & 5th fingers of left hand; numerous surgeries; severe reflex sympathetic dystrophy left hand; permanent functional impairment & physical restrictions; chronic pain syndrome; single episode major depression; traits of post-traumatic stress; abrasion left hand; contusions left arm & hand (w/median nerve compression) $300,000.00 (settlement)
Martin v. Mathis-Akins, et al. (State Court of Bibb County) AUTO COLLISION: Herniated cervical disc; cervical strain; nerve damage $275,000.00
Hinson v. Williams & Doe (Superior Court of Clayton County) AUTO COLLISION: C4-5 bulging disc; parasthesia into middle & ring fingers secondary to C4-5 bulge; edema; contusion & Pes Anserinus Bursitis of the right knee; cervical & lumbar strain; multiple contusions; myositis $225,000.00 (verdict)
Oates v. Sibley (Superior Court of Peach County) AUTO COLLISION: Two ruptured discs requiring surgery; fractured ribs; punctured lung; concussion; knee injury $217,161.20 (verdict)
McDuffie v. Caldwell (State Court of Bibb County) AUTO COLLISION: Posterior lateral disc herniation C5/6 requiring surgery x2 $200,000.00 (settlement)
Barlar v. Bryson (State Court of Bibb County) AUTO COLLISION: Herniated C5/6 disc with significant compression deformity requiring surgical intervention $195,000.00 (settlement)
*Confidential settlement* AUTO COLLISION: Protruding L4/5 disc; Subluxation C5/6, requiring diskectomy & fusion; radicular syndrome left arm; aggravation of previous left shoulder injury; aggravation of previous carpal tunnel syndrome; brachial plexus stretch injury; ulnar contusion $175,000.00 (settlement)
Klein v. Ferebee (State Court of Cobb County) AUTO COLLISION: Comminuted fracture of the 4th and 5th left metacarpal requiring surgery; Multi-level cervical spondylosis with neural foraminal stenosis resulting in severe cervical strain; lumbar strain; head injury; multiple contusions & lacerations $150,000.00 (verdict)
Oakes v. Mertz (State Court of Houston County) AUTO COLLISION: Placental abruption, premature birth, complications from premature birth $100,000.00 (settlement)
Darley v. Mertz (State Court of Houston County) AUTO COLLISION: Multiple abrasions to face and head; lacerations and impaled glass in scalp and forehead; chest and cardiac contusion; pneumothorax and fetal injury; placental abruption $90,000.00 (verdict)
Hillsman v. Muse (State Court of Houston County) AUTO COLLISION: Cervical spondylosis with mild bulge at C2-3 & bar at C5-6, relatively large central disc herniation at L4-5 with compression of the thecal sac, right carpal tunnel syndrome $90,000.00 (settlement)
Rogers v. Whittington, et al. (Superior Court of Bulloch County) AUTO COLLISION: Motor vehicle accident related high blood pressure; chip fracture of C6 vertebrae; cervical strain; rotator cuff tear; lacerations to face, chest and elbow; chest contusions $85,000.00 (settlement)
Lee v. Payne & Blue Chip Air (Superior Court of Fayette County) AUTO COLLISION: Multiple contusions, lumbar sprain, chest pain shortness of breath, abdominal pain, right hip arthritis with attenuation of pain with right sciatica $75,000.00 (settlement)
Goodwin v. Deane, et al. (Superior Court of Twiggs County) AUTO COLLISION: Fractured left clavicle, fractured pelvis, laceration left ankle, open cortical fracture left medial malleolus, left ear laceration, cerebral concussion $65,000.00 (settlement)
Potts v. Bentley (State Court of Bibb County) AUTO COLLISION: Strain C-Spine, cervicalgia, strain upper thoracic spine, cervical Spondylosis, ruptured disc at C6-7, cervical radiculopathy, micro diskectomy & fusion at C6-7, C6-7 nerve root impingement, ulnar mononeuropathy $60,000.00 (settlement)
Owens v. Morton (Superior Court of Baldwin County) AUTO COLLISION: Fractured right femur; dislocated left shoulder; multiple contusions and lacerations $55,000.00 (settlement)
Henry v. Kirkpatrick AUTO COLLISION: Bilateral heel injuries; flexion/extension C-spine; bulging disc at L5-S1; disc bulge at C3-4 $50,000.00 (settlement)

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