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Over $336,000,000.000 Recovered in Verdicts and Settlements ------- $23,200,000.00 Verdict Involving Wrongful Death of Young Mother ------ $19,100,000.00 Verdict Involving Products Liability - Defective Tire Rim ------ $11,716,130.00 Settlement Involving Tractor Trailer Accident ------ $6,000,000.00 Verdict Failure to Pay Benefits Under Life Insurance Policy ------

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If you or someone you love has been severely injured or killed due to the negligence of others, you have the right to learn more about how the legal system can help you.

The American legal system provides financial compensation for injuries or death caused by the negligent or careless acts of others (such as car accidents, train wrecks, airline crashes and similar incidents), defective products that injure or kill someone (this includes consumer goods as well as medical appliances or implants), medical negligence (malpractice), pharmaceutical negligence (errors in prescribing or filling prescriptions) and other related causes of injury or death.

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The personal injury trial lawyers at Reynolds, Horne & Survant have fought to obtain compensation for victims of auto accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, workers' compensation and other incidents of negligent or careless injury for over thirty years. We are proud of our record of successfully representing people in the Macon, Georgia area and throughout the southeastern United States including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

The right of all American citizens to a trial by jury is perhaps the most important entitlement afforded under our nation's Constitution. Jury trials are the means by which individual rights are defended from encroachment, and positive social change is implemented. Civil jury verdicts force individuals, powerful corporations, and even the government to be held accountable for their actions in the form of monetary damages, protecting the individual rights that our democracy deems essential to the essence of liberty.

The judicial climate in Georgia is threatening access to quality medical care and general business conditions in the state. Reynolds, Horne & Survant Law Firm is especially interested in the issue of tort reform. Tort reform is not just a doctors' issue here. Please see our web page on Tort Reform.

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